I spent the morning trying to figure out what to wear to the see the Yarn Harlot on tour. Do I go with the most impressive piece of knitting? Do I bring the really really bad sweater I made in 1987? Hmm.

I went with the Knit for Brains t-shirt, Purl necklace, and pi shawl. Oh and the socks, didn't forget the socks.

Except half way through the day I found I had a HUGE hole in one sock. I made these in January. This is not a good sign.

We arrived at 4 for her talk at 7, and we weren't even close to the first ones there.
We were a rowdy bunch of knitters.

I think we freaked out the manager a little bit.
She came out and took crowd pictures.
I took a whole bunch of blurry pictures of her. This is one of the only ones that came out.

And then my needle broke right in the middle of my cast on. VERY irritating.

That is an Addi Natura, one of my most favoritest needles. I didn't do anything at all stressful to it, it just broke.

Stephanie spoke and cracked us all up. Someone gave her a grey squirrel. (See, blurry pictures).
Her talk was hysterical. I haven't laughed that hard since I can remember. Awesome.

She talked a lot about the affect that knitting has on the brain, which I really got a kick out of. It was really mostly accurate too (which is unusual... usually I cringe when non-neuroscientists talk about brain research). Turns out I picked the right thing to wear!
My favorite was her quote of the conclusion of a Cambridge study that of course "it's not practical to carry emergency knitting for times of stress."
We waited in line for a while by this guy who cracked me up with this very professional looking purple pointer.

I pulled out my sock to knit on in line and found out I'd broken *another* needle. This was a 1.5 brittney sock needle, so that wasn't terribly surprising. I probably squashed it in my bag. It happens when you knit with toothpicks.

When I was about 5 people away from the table the lens fell out of my glasses.

Now this was getting a bit ridiculous. Fortunately someone else in line had a swiss army knife. So I could you know, SEE when I got to meet her.

I have a couple of really blury pictures of her, but this is the only one that isn't blurry. She took a picture of me with my broken needles, and she said she'd been waiting for someone official to tell her if she was way off.
Nope, she got it pretty right on.