I have a really good excuse for not posting lately. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Or at least I think that's what it is. My wrist hurts, especially when I type, or use my mouse, or knit. Pretty much precludes knit-blogging.

It's only my right wrist, which happens to be the wrist I broke as a kid (which has always hurt a little since then when I do things that twist it). So I'm not sure if it's CTS or not, but it's definitely a repetitive stress injury, and the worst thing for it is the (old) mouse.

I've now shelled out $150 on an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and it's getting better. The mouse is awesome. The keyboard is still weird, but I'm getting used to it. So I'm back to typing a little, but I'm trying to limit it.

I'm back to knitting a little, too. I've made some more skirts, they're all in various states of almost-finished. Pictures this weekend (I promise!)

Still trying to think of a name. Sheepy Skirt just seems too lame to me. I want something that indicates the Ultimate, comprehensive, gazillion-different-styles nature of the pattern, but that is also cute and memorable. And, you know... good.

In other news.... I got a cool new camera for Mother's Day. And by "got" I mean, I went shopping on Mother's Day and bought myself a camera. I was gone the majority of the day. My daughter called me twice to whine/cry because "Daddy is mean". My husband called me more than twice to ask me what to do about something or other. I came home and the house was a mess. It was great. BUT... I love my new camera.