Skirt Vortex

I know I've been a Very Bad Blogger.

But it's because for weeks and weeks I've been working on this:

Which turned out to be a swirling vortex of time sucking insanity.
But now that it's finished, I'm calling it the Sheepy Skirt Collection , which totally sounds better.

The other reason is that my wrist has been bothering me whenever I got on my computer, so extra things like blogging have fallen off the wayside. A ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and a new (bigger, better) desk have helped that some, and also not needing to spend so much time working on the pattern helps, too.

The skirt pattern started out being like my other patterns, a few variations on the same thing, and then I just kept thinking of more variations and I couldn't stop myself. I may have gotten carried away. I never would have gotten the pattern done without the help of my test knitters (who now hold skirt licenses, by the way, should you want to buy a skirt from one of them...).

I am both very proud of myself and extremely relieved that it is done. It was starting to feel like a huge monkey on my back. But I really like the results, so I guess it was worth it!

For those of you who are wondering, it currently goes from newborn to Toddler, which is around 2-3T (sizes seem so un-standard). The size chart is on my site. But since I've already had lots of requests, I'm going to grade the skirt pattern up to sizes 4-10 girls and sell that separately. It will not have as many versions, since some are clearly baby looking, and it will not include the diaper cover portion, for obvious reasons. It will also therefore be a few bucks cheaper.

But first I have to catch my breath and catch up on some other things. Right now all my thoughts are dreaming of Annie Modesitt corsetts and American Girl Doll tops...