Photo Finish!

It was closer than a Michael Phelp's race

But I did manage to finish.
This afghan was started Wednesday night and finished Saturday morning at Panera with some other members of Team Indiana.

It's 4 strands of acrylic yarn, knit on size 35 needles. I hated it all Wednesday night, and most of Thursday, but then I got the swing of it late in the day and didn't mind quite as much the ginormous needles.
Also finished Saturday was this dragon. The soaker has been done for ages but that dragon was causing me problems.
By far my biggest Olympic challenge was doing all the pattern sizing for the Skirt Pattern up to girl's sizing.
There are some interesting problems with going from baby/toddler shaping to going to little girl shaping (mostly, that babies waists aren't that much smaller than their hips. It's a whole different ballgame when you're talking about size 12 girls.
I thought I was home free on Saturday when I just had the legs of the pants to do and a wee bit of math. But then I tripped and knit the cuff of the shorts in the main color and had to rip that out. And I tripped on the math a bit too, and had to go back and re-adjust.
I was having my husband type numbers on the laptop for me while I knit the last leg cuff, but we finished both right around 11:35 am on Sunday (the deadline being 11:59 am my time). Which was good because I had to get dressed and leave the house by noon. But anyway, I did it! 14 finished objects, and 1 pattern graded. I couldn't be happier.
While we were frantically trying to get out of the house I realized I have nothing left to knit. I have really only 2 WIPs, and neither are suitable for taking places. I cant' recall ever having so few projects.
Sean has been asking me to make him socks with the leftover Blackwatch yarn ever since I finished mine, so I started those. Apparently my children have concluded that the knitting of socks is an act of great love, so I think there's a bit of competition in there to make sure no one else has more socks. When these get done everyone will be even and then maybe I better just stop making socks for anyone.
Meanwhile... I'll leave you with this little hint of what else I've been working on the past few weeks...