Olympic Knits

So I'd originally thought I'd follow the Yarn Harlot's suggestion for the summer Olympics and do a crochet project. I'm not nearly as much of a crocheter, but I thought it would be a challenge. And when I saw the Midsummer's Dream Camisole in Interweave Crochet a while back I thought I'd found my project.

But I also knew I had more half finished things than I was comfortable with. So I figured I could crochet and do some Works in Progress too. So I tagged my projects for Crochet and WIP Wrestling events on Ravelry. It wasn't until I realized I had 14 projects that I also signed myself up for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted.

Here's what I've done so far (in no particular order).

This one barely even counts. It needed sewing up and the ribbons sewn on, and it has been in that state for about a year. I have no excuse.

(Yarn is some kind of cotton, not dishcloth cotton, but the ballband is long gone.)

Here's another one that was really close to being done: a blanket for Project Linus that needed 2 rounds of border and a millions end woven in. But at least I did have to work on it for a few hours to call it done.

(Double stranded acrylic, double crocheted on an N-hook.)

I did the second Lorna's Laces sock, start to finish.
Molly's socks. These were part way through the first sock, so that was mostly a real project. She likes )

(Yarn is Katia Irina - very cool and sparkly, very splitty.)

Finished these 2 custom order Sheepy Pants shorts

Mosaic Moons BFL in rainbow. LOVE this yarn.
And this pair with hand-dyed yarn from Noes to Toes Knits on Hyena Cart, colorway "Aggie".

And this pair of longies that were down to the bottom of the top braid. Yarn is Noro Kureyon and Lamb's Pride.

These came out great, I'm so pleased with the color matching on the legs. A little extra work, but worth it.

This American Girl doll dress is a WIP from 2006. Really.

I ran out of yarn, couldn't really figure out what I thought of the skirt, which was weird, and finally decided to rip it out and start over. Basically the only thing I didn't do over was a few inches of bodice.
Speaking of running out of yarn....

I'd run out of yarn on these half way through the soaker part a while ago. Got some more but never got around to finishing this one. This was a pretty easy finisher, just 4-5 inches of soaker.

This skirt finally got a soaker too.

And on the subject of skirts...

Caitie's skirt design is done. I'm still working on the Designer Discus event, writing up the rest of the pattern. I'm taking the laptop to a coffee shop tomorrow morning and hope to get most of it done there.

All this means I have 11 projects done, and 3 left. It also means I am completely current on the blog now (yay!)

One project left is already knit and needs the (rather elaborate) embellishment finished. One is a huge afghan on huge needles which I started on Wednesday and is 3/4 done. And one is a custom order pair of Large shorts, which I started a few days ago and have barely gotten past the ribbing. Plus grading the rest of the skirt pattern.

I have less than 48 hours left. I am worried.