I know you all probably think I never read the comments since I am so bad at replying to them, but really, I do!

Critterknit (my number one commenter) asked (a long time ago):

How exactly do you harvest angora? Any chance you'll have angora yarn projects at some point?
You can either pull it out (which is easier than you'd think), or you can shave it off (which is faster). And yes! (Why do you think I let her have a rabbit?)

And also:
So how did the bunny like being shaved?
Hmm, well, not very much. But more than I expected her to, and she seemed to really like *being* shaved once it was done. It must be SO hot to wear an angora coat all the time. Speaking of which, it's almost time to do it again...

She also wanted to know where we were on the lake when I was working on the skirt pattern. That was Lake Wawasee, Indiana, a few hours north of us. Very nice place to visit :)

A couple people have asked about the American Girl doll sweater or Molly's sweater. That pattern will be written up and for sale eventually. It's not super high on my list, since it's a sleeveless shirt and it's fall. Definitely should be done by spring.

Other people have asked about the skirt pattern. The sized up version should be available in a week, or 2 at the most (I hope!).

Laurie commented that Caitie looked taller in her back to school pictures. Caitie is actually wearing her first pair of high heel shoes in that picture. Molly is still considerably taller despite being 2 years younger.

And yes, it was as cool going to Lettuce Knit as it sounds like it was :)