Here's one last entry that you should skip if you're not fond of pictures of kids on vacation...

Molly has been in love with Molly McIntire for about a year, since she discovered the books at the library. We finally found time to go to American Girl Place in Chicago and get her one last month.

The entire store experience is enchanting. 

 We found Molly!

Did you get the picture yet?

She didn't really get excited until Molly came out of her box. 

I wish I could bottle that. 

Then Molly had to go around and talk with all the other dolls.

After we got Molly (and a whole lot of other stuff), we went to have dinner at the cafe.

Molly didn't like it when they sang happy birthday, but *loved* the gluten and casein free cupcake.

Later we all took a carriage ride around Chicago.

On which Molly was not tired.

Next morning Molly and Molly got ready for breakfast. Finally time to break out the sweaters.
(By the way, the sweaters were finished in the nick of time. The doll version was still damp from blocking when we left and had to be laid out in the van to dry).

She really, really, REALLY did NOT want to go back to the American Girl Store for breakfast. We couldn't figure it out. She'd liked dinner.

Finally we realized she thought she would have to give Molly back.


Once she realized she got to keep her, it was good.

I think she had more fun at breakfast than dinner. Both were great, though.

After breakfast we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Molly told me several times that morning that she didn't want to go to the zoo, but I was sure she'd like it when we got there, so we went anyway.

She was right, she didn't want to go.

She had a little fun watching the otters, but mostly she didn't like the zoo at all.

Proof that Caitie is a monkey.

Molly wasn't *really* happy until we got to the beach.



That is sheer joy.