The week in between trips mostly centered around me finishing this in time for it to be worn in in Chicago.

And a little bit of working on this blue thing, which is so so so soft and yummy. (More about that later).

And also finishing up this custom order.
There was so much excess dye in these pants that it turned my hands blue every time I went to knit. You can see the exact way I hold my yarn.
So I had to rinse them out before I could do the embellishments, to make sure the blue didn't end up all over the other stuff.
This is how much dye came out the first time I dunked them. It was so blue that I saved the water.

Meanwhile I had to experiment with getting the right shade of green for a custom order dip dye.
Which I finally got.
I had so much dye left over from rinsing the pants and dipping the sack that I made this while I was waiting for the pants to dry.

Here's what I ended up with.
The seahorse is doing a nice job of filling in the weird spot where the yarn pooled on that leg.

And the back.
I'm rather proud of how these came out.

Next up... Chicago.