Cutting it close

So I know it sounded like that last post was my Friday the 13th, but actually, it was just Tuesday.

The rest of the week sucked too, but not as bad as Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday the kids had half days, and it got cold again (below freezing) after a few days of light jacket weather. I hate when that happens. It is clearly just mother nature faking you out.

Also, on Wednesday I found nits in my hair. Ugh. Molly sometimes uses my towel after taking a bath, so I assume that happened sometime over the weekend. And I really wrenched my back nit-combing Molly. So now I got to do it to myself too. Fun times. Also apparently lice treatment makes my hair curly.

Someone in the comments wanted to know if anyone in Molly's class had lice. No, not that we know of. The nurse checks the whole class. Basically no one we know has had lice but us. It must be something not here though. I can't understand it.

I got basically nothing done work wise. There was massive amounts of laundry. Really massive. And even when it was warm and lovely I couldn't hang it on the clothesline because it's the heat from the dryer that kills the eggs. There was whining and screaming and normal kid behavior, but more of it than normal because they were home instead of school.

Oh, and my favorite was when one of my friends told me that it was time to give the girls short hair cuts. I pointed out that it doesn't matter how long your hair is, and she said it's easier to keep it clean when it's short. I said it doesn't matter how *clean* it is. She keeps going on about "clean". Molly's hair is clean. MY hair is clean. Sheesh. She might as well have just said me and my kids are filthy slobs. Thanks. I kept trying to give her ways out of it and she kept making it worse. I swear, it doesn't matter how often you wash your hair. You can't wash lice out of your hair.

The only thing keeping me going for 2 days was the purple shawl.

I'd been working on it (almost) monogamously for about a week, and it should have been done on Tuesday.

I saw the sample of this stole at the Alpaca with a Twist open house last fall and fell in love with it. It's a Sharon Winsauer pattern called Sweet Honeysuckle Wrap. And was lovely. Soft, and drapy and wonderful.

So I was down the the second half of the border, and damn if I wasn't going to finish that thing. It was going to be the one good thing in my day.

When I had 1 long side left I started to become deeply concerned about the amount of yarn I had left. It should have been enough, because the pattern calls for 7 skeins of yarn, and 40 repeats of the lace pattern. I stopped at 36 repeats because it was already quite long.

When I got half way through the side I looked at my ball again and got really worried. I weighed the ball. 18g. I knit 1 point, and weighed the ball again. 17g. 17 points left. I knit 2 more points. 15g. ooo this is going to be close. I started to sweat it quite a lot. Also, I had a bit of beer (the border pattern is easy). I started knitting tighter. Trying to will the yarn to go further.

12:20 AM I made it. I had this much yarn left:

Damn that was close.

I had to stay up late to block it because I was determined to wear that baby to Thursday knit night. Sean woke up and came and snuggled with me for a bit before we went back to bed. He came out as I was finishing blocking. His comment: "Wow, Mommy, that sure is a skinny blanket."