Wrapping up the week

So Thursday wasn't awful, although I was frazzled from the rest of the week which sucked. There was a lot of jostling of schedules and driving and kids. Rob working late and Caitie having dance class. I talked my mom into taking the girls to dance while I took Sean to knitting. Molly apparently had a freak out for no particular reason. Then when we all converged on the parking lot while the knitters were switching from Borders to Cheesecake Factory (a big improvement I might add - Asian Pear Martini's and blueberry white chocolate cheesecake is an excellent way to wash a bad week off of you), Sean slipped in the car and split his head open pretty good. It bled for a long time (as heads tend to do), and it almost needed a stitch, but the doctor said since it was in his hair it wouldn't be worth the trauma. Liquid band aid stuff to the rescue.

BUT- there was the shawl, and that was GOOD.

Pattern is Sweet Honeysuckle Wrap Yarn is Baby Twist. Pictures and words cannot fully represent the awesomeness of this stole.

Believe it or not, I followed the pattern pretty much.

I did 36 repeats instead of 40 (if I had done 40 it would have definitely required an extra ball of yarn). I didn't do a gauge swatch, since it's a stole and all, and my gauge is usually pretty average. This is quite a bit bigger than the pattern measurements call for (which is quite alright with me, it's the perfect size), and I added an extra eyelet to the border (yo, k2tog). That's it (that's practically nothing, right?)