Part Deux

I kinda think showing people my vacation pictures is boring, but they've actually been *requested*, so I feel like I can do it with a clear conscience.

We practically lived at the pool.

(Rob is a terribly good sport and a great knitter's husband)

(Thank God for Gortex! - Sean's cast was waterproof)

Also, the family complained that I didn't post pictures of myself on the jumping pillow, so here:

And this one is too good not to share too, even if it is blurry:

Heading in to town one morning. Molly wasn't tired, as you can see:

We took a ride on the Southern Belle riverboat (which I totally forgot to take a picture of when we weren't on it).

There was spinning...

Later we met up with Dana from Unwind Yarn

We had a great time hanging out, she laughed at my kids being silly and kineared a woman who was playing in the fountain wearing white linen pants and red underwear. ahem.

Later we went out to dinner at a brewpub (I don't remember the name, but it was yummy). I was having such a good time I was a really bad mom and totally forgot how late it was.


Here's a rare moment of all 3 kids playing nicely together.

We spent a day at Chickamauga battlefield. Rob and Sean loved it, Caitie and Molly tolerated it nicely even though they thought it was insanely dull.

Caitie found a weird bug, anyone know what it is?

Here's another example of my son's inability to eat properly. Clearly I've fallen down on my duties.

That was a jawbreaker.