This is the last vacation post, in case some of you were getting worried about that. It's mostly pictures, because I love pictures and some of these really amuse me.

Rock City is cool. If you ever get a chance to visit I highly recommend it:

Right about where Caitie is standing up in the distance of that picture above is where she dropped her phone.

Right after here is about where we found it. Turned out that people below us yelled up after a few minutes and said her phone fell all the way through, but it was (mostly) unharmed. Rock City is a maze that criss crosses over itself at different levels (mostly naturally occurring). So it's a good long walk from 1 level to another but we got it back.

My favorite quote of the day from Caitie "Hall of the Mountain King. That sounds like something from the Hobbit!"

It's not a place for people who have a fear of heights.

This is my favorite part of camping. In the morning the kids snuggle one by one into our sleeping bag.

Sean got Last Airbender tattoos from McDonald's and was positive that Daddy needed one since he doesn't have hair.

I agreed with Sean. All day long at the pool kids kept asking him to bend air.

There was plying.

I finished this batch in the car on the way home, so yes, it's yarn yet. I'll post pictures later, I love it!

Caitie and I went riding. Sean wanted to go but I asked him if he wanted to ride a horse or have ice cream and he chose ice cream.

It was pretty cool and a great way to spend our last day.

Next up: Actual Knitting Content.