School started today!

Sean was very excited (check out the flame Chucks). Molly was too but she did NOT want to take a picture. And Caitie is too cool to have her mom wait at the bus stop with her.

What this hopefully means is that I'll have more time to blog. I have so many pictures.

One thing I've been doing a ton of this summer is spinning.

Spunky Eclectic Wool Blend in Rosy Fingered Dawn. 2 ply, about fingering weight. No idea what to make from it yet. Goes to proving my theory that everything from Amy is wonderful.

Tiger Club shipment from last month. I've been in this club for a few months now and I've not regretted it a bit. Everything is pretty, and it's expanding my horizons. This is Wensleydale (LONG staple length) and it was lovely to spin.

Remember this from the vacation pictures? Well it turned out like this:

I love everything about it. It's merino fiber, it came in a bag of strips, which I split in half and spun sequentially. I am amazed at how well they matched when I plied it (I actually wanted a little more overlap than I ended up with.

Here's what's on my wheel right now, waiting for me to have time to finish the second half:

Most recent Tiger Club shipment. 100% bamboo rayon fiber. I never would have bought this, and I was a little afraid to spin it but it is absolutely wonderful to spin. It's slippery, so I have to go a little slow, but I kind of like that about it. And also, it's GORGEOUS. And such a great tactile experience. I really wish I had time to finish it.

I haven't had time because I've been dyeing this:

That's yarn club for August. I'm happy to get it out early this cycle. With only 2 or 3 exceptions, it all left my house on Monday, thank god. That was a shitload of grey yarn, I tell you. You can't tell because the pink is all on top, but it was mostly grey that people picked. 58 skeins of grey. Really sick of grey.

Today I got lots of dyeing done for Stitches Midwest (which is very very soon and stressing me out!) This:

is the most recent colorway called Gallifrey. Part of a new Doctor series I'm working on.

This one is called Time Vortex and I think I might be keeping it all for me. (no not really).
There's a couple more I haven't got pictures of yet. In case you can't tell, the kids and I spent the summer watching all the Doctor Who episodes of the new series. They are a bit obsessed with the Doctor. Molly walks around with her hand out and says EXTERMINATE! EXTERRRRRMIIIIINNNAAAAATE! It's pretty hilarious.

Next up- Knitting Camp!