Doctor Who

Over the summer the kids and I fell in love with The Doctor.

We started with Eleven when the new season started

Who is adorable and charming. I really like him a lot. I have memories of watching Tom Baker after school as a kid but I knew a lot of people who watched the new series and I hadn't caught it yet.

It turned out to be literally the ONLY show that my entire family would watch for a whole hour. So naturally we had to grab all the episodes BBCA plays once a day on the DVR and got through all of Ten

(yeah we watched them all out of order). David Tennant is perfect barmy/nerdy Doctor Who.

We eventually got the DVD from the library of Season 1 of the new series. No one in our family likes Nine quite as much as the others. I was just starting to like him at the end of his season, but never as much as 10 or 11.

So my kids started saying I HAD to make Doctor Who yarn. Which sounded great to me until I started thinking about how everying is black or grey or olive drab. Not quite everything, but a lot. And I don't like doing solid colors, so I wasn't going to do skittles Daleks or Tardis blue.

Eventually we came up with these colors.

Time Vortex (which goes more with the the opening sequence for Nine and Ten)

Screwdriver (because this could be more sonic)

Gallifrey (the planet of the Time Lords, with silver leaves and a burnt orange sky)

Bigger on the Inside (inspired by the colors of the inside of the Tardis)

and Adipose (obvious, right?)

They make me stupidly happy because I am a total geek. I especially love the labels.
In case you're that kind of geek too, they can be found here. And if there is a color I'm out of or a base you don't see listed I'll gladly dye any of them for you (that's true of pretty much any of my colors, as long as I have the base available).