WIP wrestling

Well I had far to many works in progress at one point a few months ago and that was making me uncomfortable so I started finishing things. Then I got to where I just really didn't have enough, so I started new things (ha!) I think I feel comfortable somewhere around 7-10 projects. When I get down to 5, the chances are they're all lace and cables and I need to start new public knitting immediately.

Right now I'm down to 1 pair of socks, these, from Sock Summit over a year ago.

They're a lot further done than that picture. The first sock is done and the second is about half way. They are toe up which is not my favorite sock structure, and there's a chart for the ankle, and I had lots of other socks, and then it was hot.

There's a fair amount of pressure over these, since that is the most expensive sock in the history of the world. They are made with Dream in Color Starry ($$$) and Socks that Rock (which I bought in Canada at a bad exchange rate). But I had to use them. The sock pattern is called Orion. How could I not use Starry? And the Socks that Rock is Tina's yarn and I bought it at Lettuce Knit in Toronto (Stephanie's LYS). It was like the universe was telling me to make a $60+ pair of socks.

Unfortunately because they're toe up, the first one is too long. I'll have to rip out the toe and reknit it when I'm done with the second one. And the universe doesn't seem to be telling me to finish them.

I also started this blob of lace around that time last year.

It's a feathery looking shawl I'm calling Fawkes. But I got to the beaded part and fell out of love with it so I buried in the corner and found something else to love. (Possibly that purple shawl I posted last week).

This is what's become of the rainbow hand spun. I still love it and it's still moving along, but slowly. I pick it up and do a few rows here and there. If I churned on it I could have it finished quick. I will, eventually.

Here's my Cuff to Cuff. The light does not do justice to this yarn in this picture.

I did pretty much what I expected with it, I ran right through the plain knitting and the intarsia in the round really fast after Knitting Camp. First bit of stranded work too, but it was summer and it was hot and so I grew weary of it. But I have a great head start and now that it's getting cold I expect I'll decide to finish it in the next few months. Hopefully.

This here was club yarn that I fell in love with and had to knit right away:

It's Lichen on Big Feet, which is a yummy squishy 4 ply DK merino, and the pattern is Evenstar. They seemed like a perfect match.

I started them planning on following the pattern but of course I didn't. There was substantial ripping back and reknitting on the first one, but I am happy and want to get the second one done pretty soon. I just need to knit the thumb on this one. (A gusseted thumb instead of the afterthought thumb it is written for). I'll post all the mods when it's done, and with better pictures.

Caitie has been complaining that she doesn't have a sweater (the last one I made her was several years ago, so she's not wrong). She picked out a pinwheel jacket in Kauni:

That's only about a week of knitting and it's probably half-ish way done (circles are deceiving, though). But she's kind of in the dog house so I am abandoning it for an Adult Surprise Jacket I have wanted to make, maybe for NaKniSweMo

But MOSTLY, I've been working on these:

which have been coming to my house full of these:

which in a fit of insanity I volunteered to crochet around and sew together into a blanket. It will be for Patience Ann, who's husband died suddenly. There are well over 200 squares so far and more are coming.

I'm losing this crochet the squares battle. I get help on Sunday. (If you live in central Indiana and want to help we're meeting at Strange Brew, Toni Carr's coffee shop in Greenwood.)