2 blobs

The Surprise Jacket is so named because it looks like a blob until you finish and fold it up. Mine is growing but still looks like nothing much.

But if you fold it just right you can sort of get the idea

If only half at a time.

It would be bigger, but I've been distracted. Remember this blob of orange ramen I posted last week?

Well now it looks almost exactly the same as it did a year ago, except it has teeny beads.

The lifeline is where I quit working it because the bead row drove me crazy. Well the looming Harry Potter movie has me wanting to finish it. It turns out to be not *quite* as insane as I remembered. I picked it up on Monday and 2 days later I've done 3 bead rows. It takes about 2 hours to do the 60 beads in 1 repeat. Next repeat will have 66, and I think I'm doing at least 1 more after that unless I go insane first. The pattern calls for 3, When I started I was thinking 5, but we'll see. My standards might have gone down.