I sometimes think about the thousands of skeins of yarn and copies of patterns I've sold that never make it in to Ravelry and wish I could see it. I would love to find out more of what my work ends up as (it's one of the best parts of my job!)

To that end, I'm announcing a contest. Add your Sheepy Time Knits items to your Ravelry Stash and Projects. Every week for the rest of November I'll be drawing randomly from that week's added entries and giving away prizes. Free patterns, stitch markers, some other odds and ends, even some yarn.

There are 3 categories, Stash, Projects knit with Sheepy Time Yarns (any pattern), and Projects working Sheepy Time Knits patterns (any yarn). If you happen to use both my yarn and pattern that counts as an entry in both categories, and the same yarn can be added as stash and a project. WIPs count! It doesn't matter if you're finished, put them in. (I might disqualify a project that only has 3 rows knit though.) Pictures are required! That's the fun part. I may also pick an additional winner with a photo I love.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Jtdalzell's Vulcan Boyfriend Socks in Fangorn Forest Yarn That Shall Not Be Named - the green version of the Vampire Boyfriend socks from Knitty (also proving that 330 yards is TOTALLY enough yarn to make a pair of socks)

Alysania's Hanging Vines of Envy In Green Eyed Monster Sheepy Feet (the very first club colorway soon to be released as a regular color). And honestly she has so many great projects it was hard to pick one.

flssgrl's gorgeous baby Swirl Hat

CrookedRow's Deciduous, which she made into a yummy looking scarf.

For stash I can easily sort by "recently added", but for projects, the options are to sort by recently started or recently completed, so please temporarily pick the current date when you enter your project for your Start Date (even if your project was started ages ago but hadn't made it into Rav). You can also add your projects to this thread.

Edited to add: if you have entered a project but haven't added pictures, you can add them now and change your start date to qualify. I noticed lots of no-pictures projects.

Have at it, contest starts now!