Bowties are Cool.

The first installment of the Time Traveler's club went out a few weeks ago, and now that everyone even in Australia has gotten their yarn it's time to reveal.

From left to right: Humbugish BFL, Classic Aran, Sheepy Feet, and All Your Lace.

Inspired by this Doctor:

They also came with this button:
Which came from this shop in case you want one/more(though it looks like they're on vacation for a few more days).  

I happened to have dyed my yarn up a bit early, because I really wanted to make THESE:

(it's quite convenient that my teenager now has the same size feet as I do).

I wrote up the pattern for these and posted it (FREE) on Ravelry.  You can find it here: Bowties Are Cool

download now

It's quite fun to knit, the little bowties appear by magic.  

I hope you like them too.  And I've already dyed up my samples of January's club color.  It needs to dry so I can play with it!