2011 Year in iPod Pictures

I was going through my iPod the other day deleting old pictures and there were many that are too good not to share.  Many are terrible photos but I love them anyway. 

This is an Irish dance solo dress that Caity *seriously* wanted.  Um, no.

Caity grilling for the first time on Father's Day

New glasses

(yes I brought my wheel to Virginia)





Chocolate covered twinkie to console myself
Some store owner in Williamsburg thought I was pregnant in this

More car knitting
Short stop in DC

Totally charmed by the double heelix pattern


Children- at the same time. 


Still charmed

Cookie A's class results


Crazy ass swatch from another Cookie A class

What happens at Sock Summit STAYS at Sock Summit

Anna Zilboorg taught me perfect button holes.(WHY didn't I take a picture of Anna Zilboorg??!)

Is that Sandi Wiseheart, Lisa Grossman and Astrid Bear having lunch with me?  YES IT IS
Apparently I like to tweet pictures of my drinks




Fleece washing experiments

Janet and Jill at our first race- 1 mile, beer at the end

Second race- 5 k Wine at the Line (are we sensing a theme)


At a brew pub in Nashville, IN.  Rob and I took our first trip without kids in 12 years for our 15th anniversary.




Best costume at Run like Hell


Monumental Run 5k, where Janet and I apparently decided we could run a half marathon next year.

Needles matter.

Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving, and Caity's first race.  Rob ran 4.5miles, Caity and I did 2.3


Oh yes I DID knit a 16 foot scarf

"Hey Man, I got your back"


The Festivus Feats of Stregth (knock down Daddy)

After Christmas shopping.

Tada!  It was a pretty good year.