Avengers Assemble

So a little over a week ago I went to see Avengers for the third time, this time with my knitting friends Leila and Janet. (I tried to talk them in to going for Shawarma afterwards but they wouldn't go for it.)

Later Leila tweeted
I'm curious what ' Avenger yarns are gonna look like.
 At the time I laughed.  Yeah right, funny.  But the next day I couldn't stop plotting out what Avengers yarn would look like.  Ooo Iron Man socks.  And Black Widow spiderwebby shawl.  Spangly Captain America.  HULK MITTENS.

OK so I made Avengers yarn.


Black Widow

I don't think I've ever cranked out this many different colors in a few days before.  It was so fun to make and I might be keeping them all.

But in the mean time, they are available in the store here.

Avengers Assemble!

- Wow!  These were so popular!  We are down to just a few skeins left.  Taking preorders on full sets, and working on filling in the stock as we can, next week.  I'm so pleased with the response!