2012 Year in iPod pictures

 This was so fun last year I thought I'd do it again:

The Great Bathroom Remodel of 2012.  This was supposed to just be putting up drywall to replace ugly wallboard.  Then there was asbestos.  Then there was rotted floors.  And since we had everything out we moved the toilet. 

Carol and Janet were allegedly making the same size sweater

Hey finally got a vanity!

Museum Center in Cincinnati (Spring Break)

Cool ceiling in the Museum Center

Painting over the kid's old Raggedy Ann and Andy room (This project took WAY too long to finish)

Bathroom finally getting paint

Sandi Wiseheart giving Abby Franquemont a special gift at Stringtopia 2012

That's handspun from a BUNCH of people, hand woven, and hand sewn.  A gift from many.

Rob ran the Mini (I did the 5k)

Summer vacation (camping at Holiday World)

This was during the whole Ravelypics kerfuffle

new knitting bag (I LOVE it - it's Lug)

I did that all by myself

We still don't have baseboard molding though
Basically done

This is what happens when you tell the kids they can't eat in the living room

Slug Bug Purple


That's Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen

Knitting camp
Really cool shawl

Vest I'm currently trying to make but screwing up


Caity's high school locker

A sweater someone was wearing that I thought was cool

Color Me Rad

Jeans!  With my Name!  Spelled right!
Fugly sweater made with Summit stitch

Painted over the kid's growth chart :(

Dyakcraft interchangeables.  They are glorious

Halloween run

Drumstick Dash - run on Thanksgiving morning
Black Friday crowds


Game night

Old knitting magazines
Before there was Cheezeburger

Festivus Feats of Strength

Molly's new weighted blanket (that thing weighs 15 lbs!)

Jedi casualty - Christmas pickle