Catching up

So I'm going to attempt to start blogging every Tuesday again and see how it goes.  It'll probably be a mix of past projects and current ones. 

So since the Yarn Harlot has been blogging her Doctor Who scarf, I thought I'd share mine, made a year ago.

 I knit this baby in 3 sections.  Basically I knit until I couldn't stand the length of it anymore and then put it on a stitch holder and started the next section with a provisional cast on.

When I was finished I grafted the sections together.  You really can't even find the joins now. 

 Since I was making this for my 23 year old nephew, and I couldn't count on it not being thrown in the washer and dryer, it's made from Vanna's Choice, which is actually a pretty nice yarn for an acrylic.

Ravelry page is here

 And here's another striped garter stitch thing: Stripe Study

I knit this shawl in about 3 weeks and loved it the whole time.

It's knit in Kauni rainbow stripes and an undyed Sheepy Time base, Fingering Merino, which is quite soft and squishy.  Actually knitting with the sample was what made me want to dye it.

I really love garter stitch