It's Cold! I've just made a few quick knits for keeping warm

This is the Ahoy Princess Beret.  The yarn is Shephard's Wool from Stonehenge Fiber, milled in Michigan.   If you can ever get your hands on some I highly recommend it, it's lovely to knit with and wear.

I bought it when we were in Michigan at the beach at the end of last summer.  The color is fittingly called Great Lakes. 

I always look ridiculous in pictures taken by my husband. 
 But the hat is pretty cool.  The pattern was easy to follow and it only took me about a week of knitting.

Thursday Sean couldn't find any decent mittens or gloves for this cold weather so I made him these.

Pattern is Thrummed Mittens, modified slightly to be smaller, my first try was too big.  Yarn is some black Peace Fleece I had around and some red fiber I dyed.   

He says they were so warm his hands were HOT yesterday when it was 4 degrees F, so I consider that a win.  2 quick evenings of knitting well spent.