I am a Tolkien nerd

Back in May when I posted my Iron Maiden shawl I mentioned that I'd post more about the yarn later. 

Well it's a lot later, but I've been reading The Lord of the Rings to my daughter this week. For a good many years I read this book every year at Christmas break.  I own all the books and accessory books.  I may have made a database of Elvish languages (and have a printed out dictionary on that continuous feed computer paper with the perforated holes on the side from 1992).  I spent the better part of a year working on an enlarged detailed map (with corrections to the book map based on reading plus notes from Christopher Tolkien).  Yeah, I'm a Tolkien geek. 

Which is why it should be of no surprise that I combined 2 of my favorite obsessions and created a Middle Earth yarn and fiber collection!  



I'm rather proud of them, I think I managed to capture the richness of the colors of the world Tolkien created. 

Each color is stocked on specific bases that I think pair well with the colors, and can be found here.  Each has a laceweight, fingering weight, and fiber, and some have a heavier weight as well.  All can be special ordered in different bases if you have a different idea in mind.  For a long time I couldn't keep the Mithril Silkie in stock (but there's some there now!) 

I'm also pleased to be announcing there will be a bimonthly There and Back Again club beginning January 2014.  Signups will begin in November.