Speaking of being a nerd....

I made it to Gen Con for the first time for real (I've been in the convention center before, but not had a badge).

It's quite an experience, I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance.

I finally learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons.  I've always felt like not really knowing how to play D&D was a huge hole in my geek cred.  I'd tried to learn way back in the 80's but the guys who were playing were kind of assholes so I quit.  But really, as huge of a fan I am of the fantasy genre, I really should at least know HOW to play.

Jumping in to the game was intimidating, I've got to say.  I was under the impression that I'd be playing with other beginners, but when we sat at the table everyone else was all "Oh I've been playing every week for 30 years".  Great.  It was a little like knowing the knit stitch, being given a lace chart without a key and told to knit a shawl.  It had me feeling quite stupid for about half an hour and I really don't like feeling stupid.  But I did get it figured out eventually. 

 We got to watch Wil Wheaton and creator Mike Selinker play Unspeakable Words at the TableTop Table

Someone said something funny as Wil was taking a drink and he spit on the guy next to him which was pretty funny.  I wonder if he's washed his face yet.

 I still haven't played Unspeakable Words but it looks really fun.

There are all manor of weird and awesome things to be seen at Gen Con.  Like this Wookie/Klingon/Pirate/goth fairy band.  They were pretty good.

 There's a Settlers of Catan van (being driven by 2 sheep).  (Got wood for sheep?)

 And Sun King made a special Flagon Ale which was part mead.  It was good if you remembered it was part mead, but if you forgot it was a little like drinking a Sprite you expected to be water. 

 They turned a local restaurant into Munchkin Tavern which was awesome.  One of my favorite games, too. 

 Requisite TARDIS picture

 On Saturday Rob went and played D&D for 13 hours. 

Sunday we brought the kids with us.  We played the same D&D game I played on Thursday (Candlekeep), but a different scenario.  This time was a lot better and Caity and Sean are now dedicated RPGers.   

 Rob won a contest on Twitter and got to play Munchkin with one of the creators who's name I can't remember (sorry!)

About the only thing Molly liked at Gen Con was the Doctor Who America booth. 


 She really liked the Dalek on the left, which moved and talked, and there was a TARDIS pillow that she hugged a lot.  Otherwise she didn't like it much at Gen Con at all.  She went home with my mom for a while and we spent the rest of the day looking at the huge expo, playing lots of games and picking up some things. 

We had an impromptu game at dinner before heading home.

Yeah, we're geeks.