Random Thursday

Here's another sweater from a while ago that I never blogged:

Partially because I didn't like the pictures.  I love my husband but he's not a photographer.  But there's a few good ones. 

The pattern is Versio and it's a pretty cool way of making a top down sweater with set in sleeves all at once in the round, which makes the stripes match.

Here's a shot of the set in sleeves.

The yarn is my All Your Lace, it took only 2 skeins total for the sweater.  Colors are Deep Purple and Grey Matter.  I actually had a lot left over, the sweater weighs 140g.

I took the hood inspiration from rililie's but made mine smaller.  These open gauge lace things have a tendency to stretch out on people, so I made sure to wash and block mine as I went (and it DID so I was glad).

I like the sweater so much I decided to start a Featherweight cardigan.  Same idea. loose gauge lace weight cardigan.  This time I decided to spin it.  This was my Tour de Fleece project.

(Oh look, purple.)

It's a slightly heavier weight than the All Your Lace, just what I was going for.  I spun a little over 700 yards during TdF, and started the sweater a month or so ago. 

So far so good.

While I was finding pictures of the Versio from last spring I also came across this birthday cake my kids made for my 42nd birthday which I thought I needed to share. 

Because that was pretty awesome

I also got a new giant purple mailbox.  That's a Harrington Knot on the front.  I also got a TARDIS beach towel but I don't have a picture of that.  But I know where it is so I don't need to panic.