Lately all of my knitting is things I'm designing and can't post pictures of, which makes for boring blogging.  I've been filling in space with projects I finished a while ago and didn't blog. 

Here's a recently finished one, though

 Cladonia by Kristen Kapur

It's a running joke among my knitter friends that I change everything I knit.  Because I always start out saying "I didn't change anything" and then "except..."

Well no exception here.  I intended to not change the pattern but then I didn't like the increases so I ripped out several inches to start over.  I wanted the increases to be in the second row of each color change, so it would be less obvious.  I ended up doing make ones on the purl side, which worked out well, and I was pleased with the result.

I also made the shawl bigger, but that hardly counts, right?

I actually made this color set (Electric Watermelon) for Snowflake Club over a year ago because I wanted to make this shawl with it.  Of course it took me forever to actually make it but once I started it, it went pretty quickly.

 I actually DIDN'T change the lace at border at all.  I think it's perfect as is.  And the picot bind off might be a pain in the ass to knit, but it's totally worth it.